Full time only : $500 per week


Full time : $350 per week

Part time : $90 per day


Full time : $475 per week

Part time : $110 per day


Full time : $350 per week

Part time : $90 per day

** Please note, there are currently no part-time slots available for the infant program.

**At this time we do not accept vouchers

We don’t believe your child should pay more for the best care possible. At Little Children Schoolhouse we offer state-of-the-art facilities. Our staff is experienced at caring for and teaching young children. This isn’t just what we do. This is our passion.

Our passion and commitment to what we do at Little Children Schoolhouse translates into the quality of care we provide your child. We understand that childcare costs can be a challenge. We’re committed to offering the best experience your child can receive at affordable rates.

Extracurricular Activities

Little Children Schoolhouse provides extra-curricular activities such as Yoga, Music, and African drums. We understand the importance of early literacy. In order to support this development we have provided a beautiful library where children can benefit from meaningful early literacy experiences.

One of the developmental appropriate indoor play spaces we offer our children at Little Children Schoolhouse is an indoor sand room. Sand rooms offer many benefits for children including development of touch through exploration, muscle development, hand-eye coordination; as well as experimentation with volume, weight, and measurement.