“Gladys, Lissy and their staff provide a loving, nurturing and educational environment for all children in their care. Both of our children have thrived at the Little Children Schoolhouse. We consider everyone there part of our extended family.”
~ Giogia and Jamie P.

“Little Children Schoolhouse has been a second home for my daughter. All the teachers are warm and nice to her and there was always communication between me and my husband and them. They care for her and respect her needs. Carolyn is very fond of her school.”
~ Kavia L

“Little Children Schoolhouse has been a home away from home for both my children. We fell in love immediately with Gladys and Lissy and have been involved with the school for several years now. The teachers and director have created a loving and nurturing environment where children are given quality care and instruction. I have been very impressed with the personal care my children receive. They LOVE going to school. I am always greeted at the end of the day with a smile and story about something my child did that day. Mostly, I appreciate the variety of interesting activities (art & craft, songs, books, yoga, outdoor exploration) the teachers plan throughout each day. I know my children have been involved in interesting and age appropriate activities while away form home. I highly recommend Little Children Schoolhouse to families looking for nurturing and quality care in the Brookline area”
~ Rose Marie F.

“As a first-time parent, I was apprehensive about day care – desiring the socialization and convenience, while worrying that my baby would not have individual attention and nurturing. Little Children Schoolhouse struck the perfect balance – it creates a wonderful, relaxed, family feel while maintaining high standards of organization and care. The staff truly enjoy the children – laughing with them, taking pictures to include parents in their activities, and providing experienced advice. I feel wonderful dropping Zeke off into the warm, loving hugs of his teachers and picking him up happy and well-cared for, with notes and anecdotes about his day.”
~ Molly S./Mother of 17-month old baby

“A loving parent has always been a picky client at any day care facility. “Will my child have the best environment while I am at work? Will he be introduced to inappropriate behaviors?” These are the typical questions that I asked myself when I looked into that one perfect place for my son to come to everyday. Little Children Schoolhouse is that one place that I am happy to bring Yasha every day. What I value the most is the school’s approach towards nurturing their students into smart and independent little community members. I have to admit that, even though I am really against bumper stickers, I would stick one on my bumper to advertise Little Children Schoolhouse. In the end, their hard work benefits not only my family by my community as a whole. Thank you!”
~ Yana M.